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In the world of finance, human emotion also has its own place. There is the so-called market psychology that deals with the underlying reasons why consumers tend to act in a certain way, for example fear and greed. When there is any pattern, it becomes part of the knowledge reservoir that could be used for future reference and predicting outcomes. 

However, as there is a good side to this field, there is also a bad. Fear and greed are two of the emotional reactions that could be destructive to the overall market performance and investors’ profitability. Needless to say, when these two elements go beyond one’s control, rational decisions could be very hard to reach. 


It is particularly important for investors to be self-aware of what’s going on in their minds as they explore business opportunities and platforms like the currently trending Bitcoin Revolution App. Fear and greed are always apparent among neophytes, even in the now-trending cryptocurrency space. Many people think it’s quite risky, and others couldn’t control the thought of acquiring more money despite the indications to the contrary. 

Thoughts and emotions can be deceiving. Before they ever consume and mislead you, it’s important to do enough research about market psychology dealing with these human behaviors. Some of the crucial points you need to learn are the following. 

How Fear Influences Crypto Investors 

Fear can be debilitating and also a warning sign for crypto investors. Depending on how it affects the mental and emotional state, it can manifest in various ways and drive certain outcomes. For instance, when investors read about recent market crashes, they might react impulsively if they lack knowledge and experience on how to handle the matter. Such an immediate reaction can further worsen things, especially when unsound decisions are made. So it’s important not to let fear and greed guide you.

When the crypto market suffers from wild price swings, some investors may become fearful for further losses, that’s when they start selling their assets. This response may trigger a self-fulfilling effect of ensuring that prices may fall further. Economists call this phenomenon herd behavior because everyone in the market shares the same tendencies. Fear may always set in and take control when there is a market bust because nobody wishes to lose a substantial amount of money. 

How Greed Influences Crypto Investors 

There is nothing wrong with dreaming of becoming rich as quickly as possible. Essentially, that’s the goal of all investors. But what’s unhealthy is when such a thought results in further losses because you cling to hopes for too long due to fear and greed. This tendency is not unusual as the crypto market has witnessed a lot of newbies trying to achieve their ambitious financial targets without regard to the threats. Investors may get exceedingly greedy at some point in time. It further fuels more buying and selling of digital assets even to unsafe levels. 

As some financial experts would often quote, “greed is good,” but the get-rich-quick thinking can destroy the investment strategy because the investor might lose discipline. Once this happens, those indicators suggesting the movement of the market may be disregarded because the investor becomes irrational. Losing sight of factors at play can be disastrous, not to mention the possible losses. This irrational exuberance can be handled by sticking to the fundamentals of investing. For example, ignoring the herd, following dollar-cost averaging, and all others. 

Staying in the Comfort Level Is Advised 

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and unpredictable. Usually, only those investors with a risk appetite would dare put in their money to this new asset class. But the figures don’t lie. Millions of people worldwide think that the gains are more promising than succumbing to the fear of risks involved. Nevertheless, experts say that new players should take precautions as they conduct business in the network. They should particularly avoid going outside of their comfort zones. Avoid this especially during times when the crypto prices are hard to predict. 

Another crucial driving force is the market sentiment which can sweep some investors from their main strategy. When this is accompanied by irrational fear and greed, the results could be devastating. The best approach to this situation is choosing the right asset allocation. In case you’re not used to handling risks, limiting your exposure to smaller investments might be a good strategy.



Fear and greed are natural human emotions. However, they can largely affect investment performance when you don’t put them under control. As discussed above, you have to maintain a grip over unhealthy impulses and try to be rational in all given circumstances.

Remember that investing your money in cryptocurrency is not a joke, so you should take the matter seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a veteran because everyone in the market is subject to such human tendencies. What’s more important is that you know where you stand.