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Custom wristbands are getting more and more popular at events for several good reasons. They make it easy to identify guest attendees and demarcate things like the ages of guests or their levels of access to the event. If you’re putting on a large event, you should be using custom wristbands.

Event wristbands eliminate the need for paper or digital tickets, backstage passes, and lanyards. They make it easy to manage guests and security for large events. They can reduce or eliminate wait times. Custom wristbands can even serve as souvenirs for guests that can spread awareness of your brand.


Do Away with Paper and Digital Tickets, Lanyards, and Backstage Passes

These days, plastic, Tyvek, silicone, and vinyl custom wristbands are taking the place of paper and digital tickets, backstage passes, and even lanyards—and they should. Paper tickets get crumpled, lost, and damaged. This can be a real hassle when event attendees need to show their tickets over and over again to gain access to VIP and backstage areas.

A wristband is always in the same place, and you can scan guests through a security checkpoint or a secondary checkpoint with a single glance. Custom wristbands can even be made with embedded RFID chips or barcodes. These technologies store necessary information about guests, such as whether they have purchased a weekend pass or a day pass, or whether they have VIP access.

Manage Guests and Maintain Tight Security

It can be difficult to manage guests at a large event. But you can use color-coded wristbands to identify who is old enough to drink, who belongs to what group, or who has access to restricted parts of the event.

What’s more, custom wristbands are the most efficient way to manage a large crowd of guests. This is because security and other staff can use wristbands to easily identify who belongs in the event and what level of access they have. They’re more comfortable to wear than lanyards. What’s more, they can store a lot of information if RFID or barcode technology is used.

Of course, security is the number-one priority at large events, and custom wristbands help with that, too. They’re an effective and efficient way to identify who belongs in an event. This is because wristbands are tamper-resistant. You can’t take off a Tyvek wristband and put it on another person, because the adhesive is tamper-proof. You can’t remove a plastic, vinyl, or silicone wristband without cutting it. Therefore, wristbands allow you to identify and manage guests with little worry about the legitimacy of their wristbands.

Save Everyone’s Time with Custom Wrist Bands

Custom wristbands could be a huge timesaver at your event. For instance, people trying to access a restricted area with a paper or digital ticket can hold up the line looking for their ticket in their bag or pocket. But with wristbands, that problem is eliminated.

If you’re serving alcohol at your event, you also need to give out custom wristbands. Your security staff can check IDs at the door and hand out color-coded wristbands according to who is and who isn’t over 21 years of age. This is so much more efficient than having bar staff check IDs every time someone buys a drink. Instead, bar staff can just quickly check the color of a patron’s wristband to verify that they’re old enough to buy alcohol.

Grow Your Brand Awareness with Custom Wristbands

You might not think of custom wristbands as a tool to grow brand awareness. Don’t attendees just take them off and throw them away immediately after the event? Not necessarily.

The lifespan of custom vinyl and silicone wristbands extends beyond the event. Durable silicone and vinyl wristbands are a fashionable way to make a statement and show loyalty to a brand or cause. Many event attendees will continue to wear their durable custom wristbands after the event is over, especially if the bands have an appealing design. This creates free marketing and spreads the word about your brand to members of your target market—the family and friends of people who attend your events.

Therefore, if you host repeated events, you can use durable custom wristbands as part of a customer loyalty program. The color and design of a wristband can indicate how long a specific person has been coming to your events. Then you can identify repeat customers and reward them for their loyalty.


Does Your Event Need Custom Wristbands?

Does your event need custom wristbands? If you’re trying to keep track of a large number of people, yes, it does. Wristbands make it easy to manage guests and security. Moreover, they can have other benefits that will make your events even more successful in the future.